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Left Handed Fingerprints Junior Golf Club Set for kids 38"-45" tall (~ages 4-7)

Left Handed Fingerprints Junior Golf Club Set for kids 38"-45" tall (~ages 4-7)

Fingerprints Junior Golf Club Sets are the perfect first clubs to introduce kids to golf, with three sizes available based on the height of your favorite junior golfer.  These clubs have several product innovations aimed at setting kids up for success on the course.  The patented Fingerprints Golf Grip on the Driver, 4H, 7i, and PW provides an intuitive easy to follow guide to the proper golf grip without a bulky molded training grip.  Our putter grip has an alignment line down the center to assist kids with maintaining a repeatable putter grip that best works for them.  Our Driver, 4H, and Putter all come with an alignment line on the center of the club head to assist kids and instructors with alignment with the "sweet spot" and with making sure the junior golfer is taking aim exactly where they intend to hit the golf ball.  We also made sure our club sets maintained the look and feel of professional quality adult clubs but with a lightweight design with elevated lofts to help kids make consistent contact, elevate the golf ball, and quickly develop a love for golf. Set up for success with Fingerprints Junior Golf!

-Patented Fingerprints Golf Grip provides easy to follow guide to the proper grip

-Putter alignment line provides repeatable guide for desired putter grip

-Alignment line on Driver, Hybrid, and Putter ensures proper aim and alignment with "sweet spot"

-Stand Bag with dual arm straps enables kids to carry clubs like a bookbag like design

-Rain cover for clubs snaps in place on bag

-Every Set comes with Driver, 4 Hybrid, 7 Iron, Pitching Wedge, and Putter

-Driver - 18 degree, 185 Grams, 28.5"
-4 Hybrid - 28 degree, 208 Grams,  26.5"

-7 iron - 38 degree, 220 Grams, 25.75"

-PW - 46 degree, 227 Grams, 25"

-Putter - Mallet style, 3 degree, 300 Grams, 22.5"

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