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"Good Golf Begins with a Good Grip" - Ben Hogan

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About Our Products

  • Junior Golf Clubs - Designed to be the perfect first club.  This pitching wedge has the look and feel of a professional quality adult club but with a light perimeter weighted design to help new golfers make consistent contact, elevate the golf ball, and quickly develop a love for golf. The patented Fingerprints Golf Grip provides an intuitive easy to follow guide to the proper golf grip without a bulky molded training grip. This will allow a smoother transition to their first set of golf clubs. We recommend taking the Fingerprints Junior Golf Club to the range or your favorite golf course, for a round with Mom and Dad.

  • Fingerprints Golf Grips - Our patented color coded finger placement grip design creates an easily recognizable guide that all levels of golfers can use to repeat the proper grip every time they pick up a club.  Fingerprints Golf Grips can be used on every club in your bag, and can be used during your round or on the range.   The golf grip is the only interface between the golfer and the club.  This makes the proper grip critical to getting positive results.  Once you know you have the proper grip you can focus on other elements of your game, or better yet stop thinking and swing the club with confidence.

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